Informations for outdoors

Nemuro Tourist Information

  • Rivers run through the Nemuro Peninsula and the Kusiro Wilds. There are also many sizes of lakes such as Lake Furen, Lake Chyouboshi, Onnetou and so on. They are very good places to enjoy canoeing.
  • You can enjoy paddling in the dynamic summer or the mature fall
  • You can see the Pacific Ocean from the Nemuro Golf Club. It is the most eastern golf club in Japan.
  • It is open from early April to the end of November.
  • You can enjoy fishing at the sea and the river. From April to November, you can catch Hexagrammos stelleri Tilesius (fish), Cottus pollux Gunther (fish) and a flatfish, and in winter, you can also fish on the ice in Lake Furen.
  • The ride in Nemuro is full of ups and downs. You can enjoy many different beautiful views when you cycle.
  • Let”Ēs take a ride on the bicycle and feel the wind from the sea and grassland.
  • We are sure that you will enjoy it.
Bird Watching
  • Every year, 10,000 Whooper Swans and more than 300 kinds of birds are spotted.
  • There are many kinds of natural monuments as well ad rare species of animals such as Blakiston”Ēs Fish Owl, White-tailed Eagle, Black Woodpecker, Bean Goose, Japanese Crane and so on. Many bird watchers visit Nemuro to view them.
Cross-country Skiing
  • It is very interesting winter sport like a taking a stroll with skis.
  • If you are lucky, you can meet deer or a fox while you ski.