The Food of Nemuro

Nemuro Tourist Information

The Nemuro Peninsula sticks out between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean.
While you visit Nemuro, you must try the many types of seafood
Everything is fresh and tasty.
It will make you say ơHow tasty a crab is!ǡ
They are best on the spot.
The people in Nemuro will be glad to see your smiles.

Sanma (a saury in Japanese)
Sanma is a typical fish in Nemuro. In fall, large numbers of fishing ships come to Nemuro from all over Japan to catch them. Fresh Sanma Sashimi (raw saury) is a delicacy not to miss.
Teppo-giru (crab miso soup)
Teppoujiru Teppo-giru is a kind of miso soup with crab in it. If you want, you can put your favorite vegetables in it as well. For example, carrots, radishes, onions and so on. It is another favorite dish Nemuro.
Konbu (plant living in the sea)
Fishermen harvest Konbu around the island called Kaigala-Jima that is near the Cape Nossapu. They grow to reach over 20 meters long. It is a great souvenir of Nemuro.
Hanasaki Gani (a crab)
Kani Hanasaki Gani is another typical seafood of Nemuro. When it is boiled, the color turns from black to red. It is delicious as well. We are sure that you will never forget the taste of it once you try it.
It is another typical and special dish of Nemuro. There are pork cutlets on the butter fried rice and special sauce on the cutlets. This dish is really popular among Nemuro citizens. You can eat it at coffee shops or restaurants.
Salmon dish
sake Salmon is another popular typical fish of Nemuro. You can eat not more than just the meat. The head, eggs, bones, almost everything can be cooked in dishes.
Nemuro Beef
Fish is not the only test of Nemuro. We also recommend beef and milk products. There are many good firms in Nemuro.
Donburi (rice in a bowl topped with various fool)
Donburi Ikura-Don (a lot of salmon eggs top the rice in this bowl) is one of the very popular Donburi in not only Nemuro but also Japan.
Nemuro is well known as the one of the best places to eat sushi because of the caught seafood . We are sure you will love it and never forget the taste.
Hokkai Shima Ebi( shrimps)
It is also very tasty seafood of Nemuro. Its taste is very delicate. It goes really well with Japanese Sake or other alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey, wine, beer, etc.