Information of events

Nemuro Tourist Information

The Nemuro Peninsula Fishing Competition:June , Saturday

Many people who try to catch large fish participate from all over Hokkaido.

Nemuro Minato Matsuri (Festival):two days in the middle of July

There are many attractions such as Sailing on a big patrol boat, The brass band parade, Senninodori (dancing parade), etc Many Nemuro citizen join in and enjoy it.

It finishes with beautiful fire works.

Kotohira Jinja Reitai-Sai (Festival): August 9, 10 and 11



Kotohira Jinja Reitai-Sai is one of the three biggest festivals in Hokkaido.

It is close to the hearts of Nemuro citizen. Four teams compete through music and parades during the festival. All of Nemuros people are very busy with it.

Nemuro Kani Matsuri (A crab festival): in early September

We are sure if you taste a crab once, you will never forget it and want to eat it again.

Please enjoy eating it (boiled, in soup, or in Oden).
Nemuro Sanma Matsuri (a saury festival): the end of September

Sanma Matsuri is another food festival in Nemuro. We supply free, grilled Sunma at the grounds. If you want to catch a Sanma, we have a pool you can catch.

You can enjoy watching the dance called Yosakoi Solan.

Nemuro Sangyou Festival(industrial festival): in early October

We provide fresh fish, meat and processed food of Nemuro and sell them at the grounds.

We also provide attractions such as horse riding, a tug of war etc. for children. Please come and see it.

Hatsumoude at Cape Nosappu: January 1

A large number of people from all over Japan come to Cape Nosappe to see the first and the earliest sunrise in Japan.

It announces the beginning of the New Year.

We celebrate the beginning of new year and pray for the return of the Northern Territories at Cape Nosappu.

Nemuro Heart Land Festival (winter festival): in early February

Nemuro Heart Land Festival is held at Lake Furen which is known for its swans. We provide attractions such as wind surfing on ice, snowmobile rides and other for activities.

You can enjoy many kinds of winter events even in harsh winter of eastern Hokkaido.