The history of the Nemuro City

Nemuro Tourist Information

We have been using the same city seal since the 13th of February in 1924.
- This letter is ơNeǡ in Japanese. It stands for ơNeǡ of Nemuro.
- This letter is ơRoǡ in Japanese. It stands for ơroǡ of Nemuro
And there are six ơǥǡ around ơǥ͡ǡ. We call six ơRokuǡ in Japanese. Therefore, ơroǡ of Nemuro comes from six as well.

Established 1st, August in 1957
The origin of Nemuro
The name of Nemuro comes from ơNiomuroǡ in Ainu. It means a place that has rich forest.

History of Nemuro

The reclamation of Nemuro started in 1688. In addition, Mr. Matsumoto, a reclamation ambassador, came to Nemuro with 130 people in 1869. They started to develop and built the base of Nemuro.

The Numuro prefecture, one of three prefectures in Hokkaido, was held in 1884. Nemuro was blessed with wealth of seafood such as crabs, salmons, Konbu and so on. In 1900, the population of Nemuro was about 13,000, and was one of the biggest cities in northern Hokkaido.

In 1945, many houses were burn down by war, and the population decreased because Russia illegally occupied the Northern Territories. The repossession may still be in dispute, but Nemuro recovered from the disaster with fishing industries. Nemuro has developed into one of the best fishing industrial cities in Japan since then.

The Nemuro Town merged with Wada village to become the Nemuro City in 1957. Then, Habomai Village was incorporated into Nemuro. The population was more than 49,000 in 1967. However, because a territory of 200 nautical miles has been in forced since 1977, fishing in the international water has been prohibited since 1992. Catch has decreased since then.

To adjust to the new era, we have cultivated fish and we have made many efforts to develop new processed fish foods.

Nemuro is the birth place of the Northern Territories Movement which proclaims to Japan and requests Russia to give back the Territories. We also try to keep a good relationship with Russia.



512.6km2 (including Habomai islands 99.42km2)

Population 32,296     Household 13,204 (October 31, 2004)

City Seal

Flower: Primula modesta
Tree: Androsace lehmanniana
Bird: Swan
Sport: Table tennis