Animals in Nemuro

Nemuro Tourist Information

Deer, fox and squirrel live on the Nemuro Peninsula They sometimes appears on the national highways, so you may be able to meet them. The Nemuro Peninsula is surrounded by the sea and it has lakes, marshes and so on. You can also spot seals near the sea. There are more than 300 kinds of birds such as Blakiston°«s Fish Owl, White-tailed Eagle, Steller°«s Sea Eagle, Black Wookpecker, Bean Goose, Japanese Crane and so on. There are many kinds of birds that are designated as a natural monument and a rare species. Tuffted Puffin is one of the rare birds in Nemuro. You can enjoy spotting them.

Blakiston°«s Fish Owl
FukurouBlakiston°«s Fish Owls are one of the Japanese natural monuments. They have a wingspan of about 1.8m. They have the appearance of a guardian deity. We confirm about 100 Blakiston°«s Fish Owls that live in Nemuro°«s and Kushiro°«s wilderness and other places in Hokkaido. They are in imminent danger of extinction. The Blakiston°«s Fish Owls were a symbol of a vibrant and life a healthy forest. They can not survive without our protecting. We are making efforts to restore and protect this great natural treasure.

Ceruus hortulorum yesoensis (Deer in Hokkaido)
Deer in Hokkaido are bigger than the one living in Honsyu. They can be seen not only in woods but also on the roads, so you must be careful when you drive.

White-tailed Eagles
Washi White-tailed Eagles have a wingspan of over 2m, and the winter is a good time to spot them.

Common seals
White-tailed Eagles have a wingspan of over 2m, and the winter is a good time to spot them.

Black Woodpeckers
Kumagera Black Woodpeckers have a black body like a crow and a red point on their head. It is designated as a natural monument.

Sciurus vulgaris orientis (Squirrels in Hokkaido)
Sciurus vulgaris orients live only in Hokkaido. They are very popular in forest.

Tuffed Puffins
Etopirika The name of Tuffed Puffin means a beautiful beak in Ainu. In Japan, they live only in the islands around Nemuro. They are very rare.

Whooper Swans
10,000 Whooper Swan return to Lake Furen and Onnetou at the end of October. They stay until April.

Kitsune Foxes live in many parts of the Nemuro Peninsula. They sometimes will approach us.

Japanese Crane
Japanese Cranes are designates as a special natural monument. You can spot pairs of Japanese Cranes at Lake Furen every year.